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Services We Offer:


Offering a wide range of patient services:

  • General Health
  • Prevention & Wellness

  • Immunizations

  • Newborn Care

  • Palliative Care

  • Care of the Elderly

  • Minor Ambulatory Procedures

  • Mental Health

  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Family Planning

  • Prenatal & Antenatal Care

  • Ear Syringing

  • Flu Shots

  • Women's Health

  • Travel Advice

  • Pediatric Care

Uninsured Services

    Some services are not covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). 

    Our office only accepts cash payment.

    Please ensure your Health Card is kept up to date and is not expired.


  • Work Note $20

  • Short Forms $40-60

  • Long Forms $60-100

  • Complex Forms $100-200

  • Cost of Form depends on length of form and detail required to be completed by doctor

  • Copy of Medical Records $50 (for first 20 pages and then $0.50 per page thereafter)

  • Copy of Test Result, etc. $0.50 per page 

  • Non-Ohip Visit $60-100

  • Non-OHIP Injection $10

  • 1 Step TB Skin Test $30  

  • 2 Step TB Skin Test $60

  • Wart Treatment for Hands $25

  • No Show to Appointment $40 


COVID-19 is placing stress on Canada’s public health system. Our clinic is starting to offer virtual care to make sure that we can continue to care for our patients safely and effectively. This means that we will be using video and audio technologies for some patient visits rather than asking all patients to come into our office. Some of these technologies are provided by the Province. Others havebeen provided by vendors like Google, or Apple to help make discussions with your care provider as easy as possible during these difficult times.


Some health concerns can be addressed with virtual care alone, but in some cases your doctor may ask you to visit a hospital or other health care facility if necessary, for a physical examination. We do our best to make sure that any information you give to us during virtual care visits is private and secure, but no video or audio tools are ever completely secure. There is an increased security risk that your health information may be intercepted or disclosed to third parties when using video or audio communications tools.


To help us keep your information safe and secure, you can: •Understand that this method of communication is not secure in the same way as a private appointment in an exam room.•Use a private computer/device (i.e., not an employer’s or third party’s computer/device) and a secure internet connection. For example, using a personal computer or tablet is more secure than at a library, and your access to the Internet on your home network will generally be more secure than an open guest Wi-Fi connection.


You should also understand that virtual care is not a substitute for in-person communication or clinical examinations, where appropriate, or for attending the Emergency Department when needed (including for any urgent care that may be required).If you are concernedabout using video or audio tools for virtual care, you can ask our office to arrange for you to visit a different healthcare provider or other health care center where you can be seen in person.However, please note that visiting a health care provider in person comes with a higher risk of coming into contact with COVID-19 and the possibility of spreading the virus.


By providing your information, you agree to let us collect, use, or disclose your personal health information through video or audio communications (while following applicable privacy laws) in order to provide you with care. In particular, the following means of electronic communication may be used (identify all that apply): videoconferencing (including Skype, Facetime, etc.)

By contacting/communicated Dr Doko by phone or email or text you agree to the following about your virtual appointment:

"Informed verbal consent was obtained from this patient to communicate and provide care using virtual and other telecommunications tools.This patient has been explained the risks related to unauthorized disclosure or interception of personal health information and steps they can take to help protect their information. We have discussed that care provided through video or audio communication cannot replace the need for physical examination or an in person visit for some disorders or urgent problems and patient understands the need to seek urgent care in an Emergency Department as necessary."

See the Doctor for:


Prescription Refills
Health Concerns
Lab Results
Review Health Records
Vaccination Update
Physical Examination
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